Sometimes I Just Need to Write…

I am not much of a talker and I’ve never thought of myself as the creative storybook or journalist type. I just have a head full of thoughts that are ready and waiting to EXPLODE through my skull! I’m talking (or better yet thinking) life as a mom, recipes, spiritual growth, whatever it is, trust me, I’ve thunk it! Funny thing is when I get home and my husband asks how my day was the most I initially seem to mutter out, shrugging my shoulders, is “you know… the usual.” I wonder what he’d think if he lifted up my keyboard at work and saw a books worth of sticky notes tucked under there! So one day I sat at my desk and looked at all of these random notes that usually get thrown away after a few weeks because they are covered in dust or smeared with water stains. I wanted to find a safe place where I could keep them and always have access to them. So voila! Here you have He Calls Me Mom! More about the name later…This is just a place where I can deposit my thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations without all the clutter and wasted paper! Think Inside Out but online…and open to the public! :-/



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